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"I design and deliver training and also regularly practise as a mediator in family, workplace and SEN disputes. I offer Professional Practice Consultancy (PPC) in all of these areas, am on the College PPC Register and train mediators in supervision skills. I have been delivering mediation training for over 15 years in the UK and also have experience of training abroad including Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Pretoria, Singapore and Washington. 

In 2016, I was made a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) based on my Research in the Law Department of Birmingham University, comparing the similarities and differences of mediation practice across different areas of delivery. This has informed my work with various bodies and authorities to develop nationally recognised standards in mediation and training. Previously, I completed a European Master’s Degree in Mediation (IUKB) with distinction in 2005. The major piece of work to emerge from this was the development of a model of supervision that is specific to mediation. 

I have been a mediator for over 25 years, working at various times for national organisations, private companies and for myself as a sole practitioner. I have also held various management and supervisory posts within mediation services, and I have acted as a consultant for developing organisations.

I have a commitment to the development of the mediation profession in this country and in establishing recognisable standards of practice. I have been involved with the College of Mediators for a number of years. I am currently a Board Member, Vice-Chair with responsibility for professional excellence and Chair of the Professional Standards Committee.

Brilliant - I can't wait for the next training.

Alison C.

So glad to have picked a course with such a good trained mediator. Observing Lesley mediate was a valuable prt of the course. I could have done with more of that.

Yvette F.

It was a good mix of role play and learning through discussions.

Parminder K.

The LADR Philosophy

Conflict is about difference and getting to the root of difference presents the opportunity for change and growth. I believe that mediation is a way for people in conflict to realise that opportunity, with the support of an independent third party who does not take sides or impose outcomes but promotes the fact that disputing parties can, with clear, careful and respectful communication, make good decisions. 

​​Excellent training is based on current practice and academic insight

At the heart of LADR’S training philosophy is the belief that we all have skills and abilities which, with the right support in a safe learning setting, can be drawn out and developed. My training is focused on participants and  meeting their learning needs is my highest priority. Delegates are encouraged to challenge themselves and each other in a constructive and rewarding learning environment. 

Lesley Allport Dispute Resolution

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